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Product Detail

Rocker type motor


The Main Feature of the Swing Gate Motor:

1.Reasonable stress: the operation machine installed at the side , far away from the door hinge, driving force directly effect on the direction of door opening and closing, use 24 v dc voltage, security, power saving, high efficiency.

2.The unique structure of the sliding chute: when the surface of the ground uneven,it can elastic automatically lift at ordinary times, adapt to a slightly undulating road (adaptability of 0 to 8 cm) instead of embedding orbit; (when you take the order,and tell us specifically, we can adjust it adaptive to 30 cm).

3.Large opening angle: Doors can be opened to any Angle, not restricted by the door machine itself (less than 180 °)

4.Automatic locking device: Door machine automatic locking structure of Al cano company development of patent technology, implements the drive, locking function integration, close the door in place automatically locked. It is afety, reliability, security, no need to add electric lock.

5.Manual operation: In case of power cut, it’s easily converted into a manual operation, with a special key can also switch to the standby power supply. (optional)

6.Installing form:It is not affected by the gate post and the original structure, any new and old doors can be installed, and does not destroy the original body structure and post

7.TH160 Enhanced the door machine

PRODUCT SUMMARY:This product is Al cano intelligent remote control door machine products ,the second generation upgrade version. The function is more rich and more flexible.

Basic characteristics: using positive stop, integrate design for the door and motor, just two-wire access, save limit line, convenient and reliable.

Basic functions:

(1) open and close orderly

(2) automatically stop when meet blocked
(3) infrared protection interface

(4) UPS interface
(5) running time protection

(6) one side or double sides opening the door to be chosen
(7) open and close time adjustable orderly

(8) running protection time is adjustable

TH180 smart door machine

Basis of PM160 enhanced adds three intelligent function
(1) When blocked ,can stop, and automatically return (closed)

(2) card reader and feeling detector interface
(3) closed automatically (time adjustable)

TH170 smart door machine

Basis of PM180 smart adds a intelligent function
Can be set at the same time open the door, also can set the time to open the door.